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Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron Coloring pages

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron is a 2002 animated movie that was brought out by DreamWorks Pictures. It follows the adventures of a new stallion who is nameless until the end of the movie.


The movie opens with a nonstop shot of a bald eagle soaring through the mustang’s mother country until it flies over the mustang’s herd. The scene following, which is the buckskin Kiger Mustang’s birth to his bring forth Esperanza, is the opening to the actual story. Spirit’s father Strider was never shown but was mentioned briefly. There is a selection of scenes from the colt’s formative years as he grows into a stallion(he slides down a hill of snow and upsets the adults and he gets his toungue stuck to an icicle), taking control of a herd of horses living in the Cimarron Territory like his father, and learns that ‘with great honour, comes great responsibility’. Part of his role as herd leader is shown when he fights a cougar that attacks two of the herd’s foals. Spirit is shown to have an extremely large herd. Both times when he was standing over his herd on his hill, Spirit was shown to have some horses running down the left side of him, but yet, when Spirit is re-united with his herd, those horses are not shown. It is possible, that when Spirit’s father died,he was given control of both herds and combined them together.

After becoming overly curious for his own good and investigating a human camp, he is captured with ropes after a long chase and is sold to the United States Army, who at the time of the movie are fighting the Indian Wars. There he encounters a Colonel (based on Colonel Custer; in the film he is known simply as “The Colonel”), who sees the stallion as a symbol of the West he is setting out to conquer, so he attempts to conquer the mustang too.

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