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minnie coloring

Minnie Mouse is Mickey’s “friendly friend” and also one of Goofy’s friends.  Minnie Mouse is the queen of Disney Castle, who rules the peaceful kingdom alongside King Mickey.  Minnie Mouse is the world famous Disney character, companion of Mickey Mouse.  “Minnie Mouse is the natural leader and the smartest of the Disney crew.  ” I like Minnie and I agreed totally with what she says.  How do you draw baby minnie mouse.

Minnie Mouse is a cartoon character. She is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend. They were both created by Walt Disney. Her birthday is on 18th November 1928. But she only first appeared in 1928, in “Plane Crazy”. She is also known as Princess Minnie and Maestro Minnie.

Minnie Mouse’s parents are both farmers. Marcus mouse is her father’s name. His name was introduced in the comic strip story “Mr. Slicker and the Egg Robbers” (published 22 September- 26 December, 1930). But Minnie’s mother’s name is not known by anyone. The same story featured the grandparents of Minnie Mouse, Marshall Mouse and Matilda Mouse. Mortimer Mouse is her uncle and he is known as the closest relatives. Also her twin nieces are called Millie and Melody.

Minnie Mouse has two pets, a one dog and a cat. The dog is called Fifi. Fifi has 5 puppies with Mickey’s dog, Pluto. Pluto was Minnie’s dog first; he was called Rover at that time. She also has a cat called Figaro, this is the same cat which appears in the Disney movie Pinocchio.

Walt Disney said in a interview in 1933 that in private Mickey and Minnie are married. He also said that many people asked him about this. Depending on the movie, Minnie and Mickey are married or sometimes not married.

From 19th January 1942 to 2nd May 1942 there was a comic magazine called “The Gleam”. In this magazine once it said that Minnie’s real name was Minerva Mouse. But the Walt Disney head office said that there is no register about her real name as Minerva. There is not much information about Minerva, but she is similar to Minnie’s character. Therefore many people miss understood that Minerva was Minnie’s real name. Formally Minnie’s name is only registered as “Minnie Mouse”. However some sources say that Minerva is Minnie’s real name, and that Minnie’s full name is Minerva “Minnie” Mouse. More likely is that Minnie’s original name was the German/Dutch Wilhelmina, which is about the only name for which Minnie is the “official” abbreviation (http://www.thinkbabynames.com/meaning/0/Minnie). Possibly, this fact was suppressed during the 1930s, as Germany became more unpopular due to its political and racial leanings.

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