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Little Einsteins  Coloring Pages

Little Einsteins is an inspired television series on Playhouse Disney which started as a direct-to-video motion picture.  The informative preschool serial was modernized for television by Douglas Wood who produced the concept and characters, and a subsequent team headed by Emmy Award-winning managing director Olexa Hewryk and Dora the Explorer co-creator Eric Weiner, and brought out by Curious Pictures and The Baby Einstein Company. The first episode of the Little Einsteins TV series premiered in Japanon TV Tokyo on October 5, 2005 and in the United States on the Disney Channel on October 9, 2005. In Europe, the second season of the show premiered on the Disney Channel around Christmas time.

* Leo is a six-year-old male child, the Little Einsteins leader, and the one who pilots skyrocket. His main talent is conducting and his most precious object is his baton; he never leaves home without it. His skills with the baton include the ability to conduct cows (seen in the Our Big Huge Adventure). He is voiced by Jesse Schwartz.

* June is a six-year-old girl who loves to dance. She also loves to look at the stars at night with her telescope, and is friends with one of Saturn’s rings (as seen in the episode Ring Around The Planet). She loves art. She also demonstrates on a normal basis to be the most eloquent member of the team. She is voiced by Erica Huang.

* Quincy is a five-year-old boy who loves to play every type of musical instrument, the violin, the guitar and the trumpet being his dearies. He is the only member of the team who is afraid of the dark (as seen in the episode The Northern Night Light and in Our Big Huge Adventure). He is voiced by Aiden Pompey.

* Annie is a four-year-old female child who loves to sing. She is Leo’s little sister and also the only character who has piloted Rocket for her solo. She loves animals, but she’s afraid of spiders, just like the rest of the team (as seen in Our Big Huge Adventure). Her favorite marine creature is the dolphin as proven in Pirates Treasure. She owns a silver microphone with orange music notes that she won in a song contest after Big Jet ripped her music. The color of her clothing is also changed for season 2, but the style remains the same. She is voiced by Natalia Wojcik.

* Rocket is the Little Einsteins’ main transport, but it is also their friend. Rocket has a bunch of tools and accessories (stored in Hammerspace) that help the team complete their missions.

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