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Cars is a 2006 American animated feature film produced by Pixar and directed by both John Lasseter and Joe Ranft. It was the seventh Disney/Pixar feature film, and the final film by Pixar before it was bought by Disney. Set in a world populated entirely by anthropomorphic cars and other vehicles, it features voices by Owen Wilson, Paul Newman (in his final non-documentary feature), Bonnie Hunt, Cheech Marin, Jenifer Lewis, Tony Shalhoub, John Ratzenberger, George Carlin, Larry the Cable Guy and Michael Keaton as well as voice cameos by several celebrities including Jeremy Piven, Richard Petty, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Bob Costas, Darrell Waltrip, Jay Leno, Michael Schumacher, and Mario Andretti.

Cars premiered on May 26, 2006 at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina, and was released on June 9, 2006, to generally favorable reviews. It was nominated for two Academy Awards, including Best Animated Feature, and won the Golden Globe Award for Best Animated Feature Film. It was released on DVD in late 2006 and on Blu-ray Disc in late 2007. Related merchandise, including scale models of several of the cars, broke records for retail sales of merchandise based on a Disney/Pixar film, with an estimated $1 billion in sales.

Lightning McQueen, typically referred to by his surname McQueen, and occasionally called “Stickers” by Sally, is the main character and is voiced by actor Owen Wilson. He is named after Glenn McQueen, a Pixar Animator who died of melanoma in October 2002. His overall profile was inspired by stock cars and a “more curvaceous Le Mans endurance racer”, e.g., Lola and Ford GT40.[1] His number, 95, is a reference to the year Pixar released its first feature-length movie, Toy Story. In the beginning of the film, Lightning McQueen is a narcissistic, selfish race car, especially towards his pit crew. He hopes to be the first rookie to win the Piston Cup race and gain a lucrative endorsement deal from Dinoco in the final race of the season, but finishes in a three-way tie with perennial runner-up Chick Hicks and veteran Strip “The King” Weathers after losing his huge lead on the final lap (#400) because of two blown tires. He gets lost in Radiator Springs on his way to California and meets new friends who teach him there is more to life than winning car races and gaining deals. It is there he meets Mater and falls in love with the town attorney, Sally Carrera. He changes his look at the end of the movie, while his bad attitude changes during his time in Radiator Springs. He learns these valuable lessons: true friendship; how greed affects others; keeping promises; teamwork; and that life is about the journey, not the destination. These values lead him to rejuvenate Radiator Springs back to its heyday. Therefore, he decides to call the little town his home, and the headquarters of Team Lightning McQueen which gets finished in Cars Mater-National and Mater called it a club house.


Mack is a 1980s-era Mack Super-Liner truck bearing license plate “RUSTEZ3″, voiced by John Ratzenberger. A dedicated member of the Rust-eze Medicated Bumper Ointment Team, Mack pulls Lightning McQueen’s trailer to his races. After McQueen’s entire pit team quits, Mack remains as the rookie racer’s only friend. McQueen exhorts Mack to drive through the night to his tiebreaker race with Chick Hicks and Strip Weathers in Los Angeles, California, hoping to reach the venue first and to hang out with the Dinoco team. During the long drive, Mack falls asleep and falls victim to the Delinquent Road Hazards, a group of reckless street racers. The Delinquent Road Hazards knock Mack all over the road, causing one of McQueen’s bobble heads to fall off its perch and hit a button, opening his trailer door and dump a sleeping McQueen onto the road. When Mack wakes up, he is unaware that McQueen has gotten lost and has ended up in Radiator Springs. Eventually, Mack travels to Radiator Springs and, under threat of being fired by McQueen’s agent, Harv, transports McQueen to Los Angeles. There he serves as McQueen’s pit crew until a group of McQueen’s friends from Radiator Springs show up to help. After the race, Mack moves to Radiator Springs with McQueen and is shown at Flo’s Cafe in the short film Mater and the Ghostlight, as well as in the video game based on the film.

John Ratzenberger was given the part in honor of his father, who drove a Mack truck.[2]

Lightning McQueen’s pit crew

Lightning McQueen’s pit crew are generic forklifts who quit after McQueen didn’t go to the pits for tires, which nearly cost him the season’s final race. One of them, presumably the acting crew chief, since the official crew chief had recently been fired, is referred to by McQueen as “Chuck”, who retorts angrily afterwards, “And my name is not Chuck!” In the credits, he is referred to as “Not Chuck” and is voiced by Mike Nelson.


Harv is Lightning McQueen’s agent. Never seen on-screen, McQueen speaks to Harv via his speaker phone when McQueen and Mack are en route to the tiebreaker race and again when Mack is in Radiator Springs to pick up McQueen. Harv is voiced by actor Jeremy Piven and is based on his character Ari Gold from the HBO series Entourage. In the United Kingdom edition of the movie Harv is voiced by the well-known motoring journalist Jeremy Clarkson. This equivalent of Harv is implied by Clarkson to be a 1979 Ford Granada sedan, while the American version is said to be a 1996 Oldsmobile.

Rusty and Dusty Rust-eze

The Rust-eze Brothers, Rusty and Dusty, are the spokescars for Rust-Eze, the team that sponsors Lightning. Rusty is a 1964 Dodge A100, and Dusty, a 1963 Dodge Dart. Rusty and Dusty are voiced by real lfe Brothers Tom Magliozzi and Ray Magliozzi (respectively) of National Public Radio’s Car Talk. The ’63 Dart bears an intentional resemblance to Ray Magliozzi’s infamous green Dart, named “The Dartre”. In a deleted scene shown on the DVD, these two would have had no association with Lightning McQueen other than a chance encounter at a truck stop, where Mack was allowed to stop briefly. According to their respective die-cast, Rusty’s license plate states “Rust” and Dusty’s sports “Eze”. The license plates also show that they’re from “R Fair City”, a reference to how the brothers refer to their hometown of Cambridge, Massachusetts on Car Talk.

Dinoco team

Strip “The King” Weathers

Strip Weathers (simply known as The King) is a Dinoco Blue veteran racecar voiced by NASCAR veteran Richard Petty. He is based on Petty’s 1970 Plymouth Superbird; his number, 43, was Petty’s racecar number. He is one of the racecars in the 2005 Piston Cup three-way tie, along with Chick Hicks and Lightning McQueen. His crew chief shouts, ” McQueen’s blown a tire, McQueen’s blown a tire go go go go go go!” He is Dinoco’s “Golden Boy”, having won seven Piston Cups, and is hoping for another win in the tie-breaker race. He tells Lightning McQueen that he would be nowhere without his team, but the rookie does not pay any attention, being more preoccupied with the thought of taking over the Dinoco sponsorship after The King’s retirement. On the final lap of the tie-breaker race, Chick rammed The King sending him into a terrible rollover crash. When McQueen saw what happened, he realised that The King’s career might end like Doc Hudson’s did. So after deliberately letting Chick win, McQueen helped The King to the finish line. He was last seen in the racing museum with his wife and another NASCAR racer, Dale Jr.

Lynda Weathers / Mrs. The King

“Mrs. The King”, as Mater calls her, is The King’s wife. She is voiced by Richard Petty’s real-life wife, Lynda Petty. A 1974 Chrysler Town and Country station wagon, she is modeled after the car in which the Petty family used to go to Richard’s races during the 1970s. During the races, she sits in a special VIP booth with Dinoco’s sponsor, cheering for her husband.

Tex Dinoco

Tex Dinoco, voiced by Humpy Wheeler, is a gold 1975 Cadillac Coupe de Ville and owner of Dinoco. In his packaging as a diecast car, his name is listed as “Tex Dinoco”. It is unknown whether Dinoco is Tex’s last name, or whether the name was simply added to give the consumer a better idea of who Tex was. Tex was mainly inspired by the gold Cadillacs with Long Horns that are used at the Big Texan Steak Restaurant in Amarillo, Texas to bring guests for dinner.

Hostile Takeover Bank team

Chick Hicks

Chick Hicks (voiced by Michael Keaton) is an obnoxious green GM G platform (RWD), most likely a Buick Regal, that was popular in the 1980s. He has spent his entire career coming in behind Strip “The King” Weathers, and is bitter about this fact. His number is 86 (86 stands for eighty-sixed, a reference of firing someone, it also means 1986, which is his model year and also the year Pixar was established). Determined to do whatever it takes to win, he will often ram other cars in order to cause a wreck. He hates Lightning McQueen with a vengeance; however, he does tend to copy him. He uses the nickname Thunder which McQueen created saying “Thunder always comes after Lightning”. Chick and McQueen share the same dream of being the new face of Dinoco. On the final lap of the tie-breaker race, Chick Hicks becomes so determined not to come in behind The King again that he rams The King off the track, sending The King tumbling for some miles in a large wreck. He expects a huge ovation after McQueen deliberately lets him win the Piston Cup, but is booed off the stage instead and denied the opportunity to represent Dinoco. In many ways, he represents what Lightning McQueen could have become.

Radiator Springs populace


Mater (voiced by Larry the Cable Guy) was inspired by a 1951 International Harvester[3][4] tow truck but bears more of a resemblance to a 1955-57 Chevrolet or GMC; the actual inspiration may be the 1955-56 version since the hood which Mater recovers at the end of the film after a twenty-year absence lacks the “gunsights” of the 1957 model. Mater runs “Tow Mater Towing and Salvage.” Along with the movie, he also stars in an animated short, Mater and the Ghostlight, and acts as an announcer in the Cars video game. He speaks with a thick Southern accent with a bit of hillbilly twang, and often misspells words or uses incorrect syntax. Mater is also the (self-proclaimed) world champion backwards driver. He attributes his skill to his rear-view mirrors and his own philosophy: “Don’t need to know where I’m going, just need to know where I’ve been.” In the movie, Mater befriends and supports Lightning throughout his adventure in Radiator Springs. In the end, McQueen gives Mater an opportunity to fly in a Dinoco helicopter like he always wanted. His name is a pun on “tomato” as pronounced in his accent (when introducing himself to Lightning, he says, “My name’s Mater, as in tuh-mater but without the ‘tuh’”).

His color was originally baby blue, as shown in a flashback; however, over the years, he has rusted into a patchwork light brown/orange color, with some of the blue still showing through. He is missing his hood and his left headlight. In the credits he managed to fish his hood (which has more of its original color on it than the rest of Mater does) from a cliff up in Tailfin Pass, but then sneezed, causing it to fall back down the cliff. His license plate number is A113; the passenger locomotive which nearly crashes into McQueen before his initial entry into Radiator Springs bears the same number on its identification plates. His final personality was based on his voice actor, Larry the Cable Guy, and he uses many of Larry’s catchphrases, including “Git-R-Done” during the final race sequence and “I don’t care who you are; that’s funny right there” during the tractor tipping scene, among others.

Real life replicas of Mater and Lightning are shown at Disney’s California Adventure at Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, CA and Disney’s Hollywood Studios of Walt Disney World in Lake Buena Vista, FL. In addition unofficial replicas have been created by fans of the movie.[5]

The original vehicle on which Mater’s appearance was based[6] currently sits at the “Four Women on the Route” diner and souvenir store in Galena, KS.[7]

Sally Carrera

Sally Carrera

Sally Carrera (voiced by Bonnie Hunt) is a royal blue 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera. Her California license plate number is 301PCE. She also appears in the Cars video game, in which she is a playable character. Sally, Lightning McQueen’s love interest and later girlfriend, is the snazzy town attorney of Radiator Springs. She came to the town several years before, when, in her own words, “I never felt… happy. One day I just drove and drove, and finally broke down right here. Doc fixed me up, Flo took me in… well, they all did. And I never left.” Sally then fell in love with the town, and the land around it, and settled down in the town. Sally runs the Cozy Cone Motel. Later, she and Lightning reopened the Wheel Well Hotel. She calls McQueen “Stickers,” first as a way to tease him (because of his fake headlights), and later as a friendly nickname. In the UK cars magazine Top Gear, Sally was included in the magazine’s list of the 10 sexiest cars in the World.[8]

Doc Hudson

Doc Hudson (voiced by Paul Newman); also known as “Dr. Hudson” or simply “Doc”. His license plate reads 51HHMD (a reference to his year and track number(51) model (Hudson Hornet) and profession (medical doctor)). Doc was once known as the Fabulous Hudson Hornet (#51), one of the most famous racecars to have ever lived; he won three Piston Cups, and still holds the record for most wins in a single season (27, a reference to real-life Hornets winning 27 NASCAR races in 1952). All that changed for the famous Hornet when a terrible crash on the track at the qualifying race in 1954 saw him put out for the season. Upon his return, he was received with a complete absence of fanfare and told that he was a has-been who had been passed up for the next rookie in line. He kept a newspaper article on the career-ending crash as a reminder never to return to the life that nearly killed him.

Jaded by the racing scene, he left that world, apparently taking out time to study medicine. The famous #51 disappeared into obscurity, leaving many wondering where he had gone. He instead opted for a simple navy blue paint job and the life of a physician in the tiny town of Radiator Springs, the “shining Gemstone” of the Mother Road – Route 66. He runs Doc’s Clinic as a “doctor of internal combustion”. As times changed and the town got bypassed in favor of Interstate 40, Doc stayed on, even when the population had dwindled to a meager dozen or so residents. He is respected, well-loved, and serves not only as the town’s physician, but as its judge as well. However, nobody in the town had any idea of his past as a racer; he was just an ordinary Hudson Hornet to them.

Upon meeting the young hotshot Lightning McQueen, Doc saw far too much of his past in the rookie. After McQueen finished fixing the road he damaged and decided to stay for a while, Doc was unable to bear having him around any longer and called the news and press to immediately take him away to the Piston Cup, declaring that it is best for everyone. But seeing how disheartened everyone was by his unplanned departure, Doc realized that McQueen had become more important to them than he thought. He took back his old #51 colors to become McQueen’s pit crew chief, bringing nearly the entire town to the Piston Cup to support Lightning as his pit crew. By the end of the film, Doc opts to keep his racing colors, and becomes a trainer as well as crew chief to the young McQueen. Just like McQueen, Doc learned some lessons: friendship, promises, how greed affects others, and that secrets can’t be kept forever.

The car is based on the real-life Fabulous Hudson Hornet in NASCAR competition driven by Herb Thomas and Marshall Teague.


Sheriff (voiced by Michael Wallis) is a 1949 Mercury Club Coupe police car, bearing Carburetor County license plate 001. Sheriff is painted in the classic law enforcement black and white, with a single red light dome, two sirens, and curb feelers. Sheriff was the first resident of Radiator Springs to appear in the film and also the first to meet Lightning McQueen during a police chase when McQueen was speeding through the town, trying to find Mack. He later befriends Lightning McQueen, even offering him a police escort to California, and joins his pit crew for the championship race.


Luigi (voiced by Tony Shalhoub) is a 1959 Fiat 500 ragtop. He is a Scuderia Ferrari fan, and has followed racing his entire life. His license plate reads 445-108, which is the latitude and longitude for the main Ferrari factory in Modena, Italy. [9] Luigi owns a tire shop, Casa Della Tires, which is known for its “Leaning Tower of Tires,” a tower of several tires shaped like the Leaning Tower of Pisa. His assistant is an Italian forklift truck named Guido. Inside his shop are many framed pictures of World Sportscar Championship endurance racing Ferraris from various points in history. At first, Luigi and Guido do not respect Lightning McQueen when he comes to Radiator Springs, because he is not a Ferrari (“Luigi follow only the Ferraris”), but later on they learn to show courtesy to McQueen, fitting him with whitewalls. In the end, McQueen directs a group of Italian sports cars comprised of a Ferrari (voiced by Michael Schumacher) and two Maseratis to his shop, having recommended it. His car model is also a pun on Fiat’s sponsorship for Ferrari at Formula One.

For the Italian version of the film, Luigi was voiced by comedian Marco Della Noce; one of Della Noce’s most popular characters was “Oriano Ferrari”, a parody character meant to represent the leader of Ferrari’s pit stop crew.[10]


Guido (voiced by Guido Quaroni) is a forklift, who works at Luigi’s Casa Della Tires, and is Luigi’s best friend. The only language Guido can speak and understand fluently is Italian, though he appears to understand English, and even speaks a few phrases, including “Pit stop” but pronounced “Peet Stop!”. His dream is to perform a pit stop for a real racecar. Near the end of the movie, as Lightning’s pit crew, he performed the fastest pit stop in Piston Cup history, changing all four tires in four seconds.

In order to preserve the “language barrier” gags between Guido and the other characters in the Italian dub, his lines (and the other cars’ lines in Italian) have been rendered with the Emiliano-Romagnolo accent spoken in the town of Modena, Italy, home of the Ferrari car manufacturer and racing team. Alex Zanardi, an Italian race driver who is a native of Bologna, the largest city in the Emilia-Romagna region (and thus presumably familiar with that dialect), voiced Guido for the Italian version. Coincidentally, or as a pun by the authors, the name “Guido” is a perfect homonym for the Italian inflected verb meaning “I drive”.


Ramone (voiced by Cheech Marin) is a 1959 Chevrolet Impala lowrider who owns the Ramone’s Paint and Body Art store, where he paints himself and other cars, including Lightning McQueen later in the film. His license plate reads “L0WNSL0″, which is a reference to his catchphrase, “low and slow”. He is married to Flo, whose restaurant is next door to his store. Ramone is usually depicted purple with a yellow and orange flame job, but throughout the film he changes his paint job every morning to keep his skills sharp, owing to a lack of customers. This situation changes after Radiator Springs becomes vibrant again.

In a deleted scene that told the story of how Ramone and Flo fell in love, the only customer Ramone has refused to paint was his future wife Flo. When she asked him, “Whassamatta, you too good to paint me?” he promptly and smoothly replies, “No way, you too good for me to paint”, and saying that he couldn’t paint a classic like Flo, which made her heart melt. The story took place in Radiator Springs of 1974.


Flo (voiced by Jenifer Lewis) is the owner of Radiator Springs only gas diner, “Flo’s V-8 Cafe” and is married to Ramone, the town’s body artist. Her license plate reads “SHOGRL”, the same as the license plates applied to many Motorama show cars, and an obvious pun on the term “showgirl”. A shot of Flo’s rear end during the cruising scene shows a secondary plate above her license plate which reads “Motorama 1957.” According to a deleted scene, she is indeed a Motorama showcar and came to Radiator Springs during a national tour. She appears to be inspired by three early- to mid-fifties show cars: the 1951 Buick LeSabre (front-end lines, the basic hood shape, lights mounted near the corners, and front-quarter trim), the 1951 Buick XP-300 (side trim), and the 1956/57 Chrysler Dart (cockpit, deck lid, and tailfins).[11]


Fillmore (voiced by George Carlin) is a Volkswagen Type 2 microbus of late 1950s/early 1960s vintage as evidenced by his pointed front turn signals and small rear window. Fillmore’s license plate reads “51237″, which is a reference to May 12, 1937, the birthdate of George Carlin. It is also the ZIP Code of George, Iowa. He is a stereotypical hippie, with his license plate positioned to resemble a soul patch. He owns an organic fuel shop (Filmore’s Organic Fuel) which features several flavors, and believes gasoline companies are lying to the public. In the morning, when next-door neighbor Sarge plays Reveille and raises the Flag of the United States, Fillmore interrupts Sarge’s bugle reveille with Jimi Hendrix’s rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner.” This is much to Sarge’s irritation, as he shouts at Fillmore:

Sarge: “Will you turn that disrespectful junk off?!”

Fillmore: “Respect the classics man, it’s Hendrix.”

Despite this, he is friends with Sarge, and the two can be seen chatting throughout the film.

He has a sticker on his rear that says “I brake for Jackalopes”. The jackalope is a mythical creature which features in the theatrical short “Boundin’” shown with The Incredibles.


Sarge (voiced by Paul Dooley) is a Willys Jeep. A veteran with a military green paint job and a slightly stylized Sergeant Major (E-9) insignia on his sides, he appears to be a World War II era Willys MB. His license plate reads “41WW2″, which indicates the date the Willys MB entered the service of the U.S. Army (1941 World War 2). He runs a surplus store, named “Sarge’s Surplus Hut”, next door to Fillmore. Near the end of the film, it is revealed he later opens an Army Camp to train SUVs and 4x4s in rugged and dirt terrain, including Murphy and Frank “Pinky” Pinkerton.


Lizzie (voiced by Katherine Helmond), a 1923 Ford Model T coupe, is the widow of Radiator Springs’ founder, Stanley, and the elderly owner of a roadside souvenir and accessory shop (Radiator Springs Curios). Her license plate, “MT23″, is a reference to her model and year. Her name is derived from Tin Lizzie, one of the Model T’s popular nicknames. She appears to have gone somewhat senile, and has a crush on Lightning McQueen.


Red (voiced by Joe Ranft) sometimes called Big Red, is a mid-1960s closed-cab pumper bearing Carburetor County license plate “002.” He is shy and emotional, often bursting into tears and/or hiding whenever he is upset. He spends most of his time gardening and washing things, such as the statue of Stanley next to his fire station. It was stated by Mater that Red hated McQueen for accidentally killing his flowers, but it is clear that Red had forgiven McQueen and warmed up to him, especially since he burst into tears and fled when he thought McQueen left without saying goodbye (which he didn’t, but was, unfortunately, forced to do later). Joe Ranft died in a car accident in 2005, shortly before the movie was released. Red is absent in the video game.


Stanley is Lizzie’s late husband and was the founder of Radiator Springs. Stanley was probably a Stanley Steamer, a steam-driven automobile. A statue of Stanley stands outside the town hall, and although it was broken off its pedestal and dragged through the streets on a cable by Lightning McQueen, it was fortunately not damaged, and another mishap placed the statue right back where it was. Although dead, Stanley continues to exert an influence on the town, particularly over Lizzie, who often talks to his statue in memory of him.


Frank is a generic orange combine harvester that resembles a bull, and the guardian of the tractors. After Lightning McQueen’s first encounter with Frank during a night of tractor tipping with Mater, Lightning has a nightmare that he, The King, and Chick Hicks are beaten by Frank in the tie-breaker race after beginning to feel that he is being distracted by his time in Radiator Springs. He is last seen with the tractors at the drive-in theatre scenes. He is also seen in the short Mater and the Ghostlight when Mater races past him, waking him up.


Darrell Cartrip

Darrell Cartrip is an announcer at the Piston Cup races. He is a 1977 Chevrolet Monte Carlo, and a former Piston Cup Racer. His name is a play on Darrell Waltrip, who provides the character’s voice. Cartrip utters, “Boogity boogity boogity!” as the tiebreaker race starts; the real-life Waltrip is also known to use the phrase at the start of every NASCAR race. Cartrip appears in the Cars video game as the sole announcer; he is also a playable character in the Piston Cup VS. and Arcade mode. On his side it says, “Boogity boogity boogity” and on the back of him it says, “DWstore.com”. These do not appear in the video game. The car is based on a real-life 1977 Monte Carlo Waltrip drove with DiGard Racing, although it does not have the actual paint scheme (which is owned by Pepsico, the successor to the team’s sponsor at the time). The most famous of those cars was the infamous “Bertha,” which is at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame in Talladega, Alabama.

Bob Cutlass

Bob Cutlass is an announcer at the Piston Cup races and friend of Darrell Cartrip. He is voiced by Bob Costas, the renowned NBC sportscaster and journalist and his name, like Darrell Cartrip’s, is a play on that of his voice actor. Although the character’s name is a reference to the Oldsmobile Cutlass, Cutlass is actually shown to be an Oldsmobile Aurora.

Other vehicles

Mia and Tia

Mia, (voiced by Lindsey Collins), and Tia, (voiced by Elissa Knight), are identical twin 1990-1997 Mazda Miata sisters who are Lightning McQueen’s self-proclaimed biggest fans. They are, however, quite fickle; after McQueen’s disappearance, the twins suddenly become ardent fans of Chick Hicks. By the end of the movie, they are McQueen’s fans once more, turning against Hicks after he deliberately caused Strip “The King” Weathers to crash in the tie-breaker race. Mia and Tia eventually moved to Radiator Springs and work as waitresses at Flo’s V8 Cafe. In a deleted scene on the Cars DVD, the twins were waitresses at a truck stop at which McQueen stopped.

When they first meet Lightning, Mia and Tia flash their headlights at him, similar to groupies pulling up their shirts to flash celebrities.

Van and Mini

Van (voiced by Richard Kind) and Mini (voiced by Edie McClurg) are husband and wife. They are lost and pass through Radiator Springs while trying to find their way back to Interstate 40. Van refuses to ask directions, claiming not to need them due to having a GPS, and both of them are equipped with car alarms, which they arm after their encounter with Lightning McQueen when he begs them to call for help. After the end of the credits, we find out that Van and Minny have ended up somewhere lost in the desert, having never asked for directions, and Van has almost been driven to insanity. Their names combined is a pun on “minivan”. Van appears to be a 2003 Ford Windstar and Minny is a 1995 Dodge Caravan.

Delinquent Road Hazards

The Delinquent Road Hazards are a group of three import cars and an American muscle car, based on a 1994 Mitsubishi Eclipse, 2000 Nissan Silvia, 2004 Scion xB (Boost, Wingo, and DJ respectively) and Snot Rod, a 1970 Plymouth Barracuda muscle car that cause trouble on the roads. The four of them cause Mack to run off the road, dumping the sleeping McQueen out of his trailer. During the credits, they are apprehended by Sheriff and forced to patch up the road.

Kori Turbowitz

Kori Turbowitz (voiced by San Francisco Bay Area DJ Sarah Clark) is a 1997 Ford Puma; a news reporter who shows up in the movie three times.

Jay Limo

Jay Limo, like his voice actor Jay Leno, is a talk show host. He resembles a 1999 Maybach 57, He remarks “I don’t know what’s harder to find; Lightning McQueen or a crew chief who’ll work with him!”

Albert Hinkey

Albert Hinkey (voiced by Douglas “Mater” Keever[12]) is an RV that proclaims that he is Lightning’s biggest fan. He is seen in the background of races. He has another friend that is a fan of Lightning also that is voiced by Larry Benton.


Fred (voiced by Andrew Stanton) Fred is a starstruck, very rusty old car. Everybody knows his name, because his license plate says “FRED.” When McQueen says his name, he shouts, “He knows my name! He knows my name” and, in his excitement, his front bumper falls off. Later, when he is unable to gain access to the tie-breaker race and Mario Andretti (who would be waved through the gate on sight as a celebrity) likewise reads his license plate, Fred says, “Mario Andretti knows my name! You gotta let me in now!” He was seen again in the end credits spinning around in a circle with rust falling out from under him. When he stopped, his front bumper fell off again.

TJ Hummer

TJ Hummer is a Hummer H1 that Sarge teaches in his boot camp during the end of the movie. He refuses to go off road, but Sarge forces him to do so.


Elvis (voiced by Sheryl Crow) is a camper van that acts like Elvis Presley. His only line is, “Uh!” (which is part of the song “Real Gone”, also by Sheryl Crow) and he is seen in the first part of the movie and briefly on the stadium of the tie-breaker race. He has the Elvis trademark coif and his bodywork is painted like a sparkling suit.

Sven “The Governator”

Sven “The Governator” (based on and voiced by Arnold Schwarzenegger) is a Hummer. His only line is “Lightning McQueen must be found at all costs!” The name and vehicle refers to Schwarzenegger’s job as California governor and the fact that he was one of the first Hummer H1 owners.

Michael Schumacher

Michael Schumacher is a 2006 Ferrari F430 sports car voiced by Michael Schumacher. He appears at Luigi’s shop at the end of the movie after being told by Lightning McQueen that “this is the best place in the world to buy tires”, and asks to order a few sets of tires for himself and a pair of Maserati Quattroportes who accompany him. After Luigi faints from the excitement of having “a real Michael Schumacher Ferrari in his store”, Schumacher speaks to Guido in Italian, and Guido subsequently faints. The phrase he speaks is in Italian, “I hope your friend is ok, I hear you’re the best.”

Jerry Recycled Batteries

Jerry (voiced by Joe Ranft) is a 1979 Peterbilt 352 that Lightning McQueen mistook for Mack. He has the words “Recycled Batteries” on his side.


Bessie is a tarmac laying machine that is used to fix roads. When Lightning McQueen accidentally destroyed the road with the statue of Stanley, the residents of Radiator Springs sentenced him to fix the road with her. She was later seen at the end of the movie when the Delinquent Road Hazards had to fix the road with her as punishment for speeding. Sometimes Bessie boils over and splats tar onto the car that is pulling her. Bessie is the only vehicle that can’t move by itself in the film.

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