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Daisy Avoid is one of Walt Disney’s animation and banana book
characters. She was created as a changeable analogue and adherent to Donald Duck, and aboriginal appeared in the animation “Mr. Avoid Steps Out” in 1940.[2]. Daisy has Donald’s atmosphere but has far greater ascendancy of it (although on attenuate occasions her atmosphere can access out and she can get into rages agnate to Donald’s), and tends to be added adult than her boyfriend. She usually wears either no pants herself or a dress. She is mostly apparent as assuming a able affection appear Donald.

Daisy replaced (or, according to some sources, represents a after anatomy of) a brief aboriginal adulation absorption called Donna Duck, who aboriginal appeared in the animation “Don Donald” in 1937.[3]. In a abbreviate 1951 banana band continuity, Donna returned, ret-conned into an different Mexican babe avoid who functioned as a battling for Donald’s affections.

Daisy is the aunt of triplets April, May and June Duck, who serve as Huey, Dewey, and Louie’s changeable counterparts. In some appearances, Daisy is presented as a abutting acquaintance of Minnie Mouse.





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