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coloring pages of disney characters

coloring pages of disney characters

hen we think of animated cartoons there is one name that will surely come to our minds: Walt Disney. This amazing man and artist is definitely the most famous movie maker for children in the story of America and one of the most popular cartoonists as well. His own animation company, named after his last name has always been one of the most respectable and interesting Hollywood enterprises of all time and is still functioning not only devoted to cartoons and animated characters but to different types of movies and stories.

AbuAladdinAdelaideThe Aristocats

Akela     The Jungle Book     Alice     Alice in Wonderland

Alonzo     102 Dalmations     Amelia     The Aristocats

Amos     The Fox and the Hound     Anastasia     Cinderella

Angus     Ichabod and Mr. Toad     Anita     One Hundred and one Dalmations

Arthur     The Sword in the Stone     Ariel     The Little Mermaid

Bartholomew     The Great Mouse Detective     Audrey     Atlantis: The Lost Empire

Basil     The Great Mouse Detective     Aurora     Sleeping Beauty

Boris     Lady and the Tramp     Bambi     Bambi

Brom     The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad     Belle     Beauty and the Beast

Bruno     Cinderella     Bianca     The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under

Casey     Dumbo     Calliope     Hercules

Christopher     Winnie the Pooh     Carlotta     The Little Mermaid

Claude     The Hunchback of Notre Dame     Cleo     Pinocchio

Cody     The Rescuers Down Under     Clio     Hercules

Demetrius     Hercules     Daisy     cartoons

Dewey     cartoons     Dinah     Alice in Wonderland

Eric     The Little Mermaid     Ena     Bambi

Ewan     102 Dalmations     Esmeralda     The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Fenton     Atlantis: The Lost Empire     Fauna     Sleeping Beauty

Figaro     Pinocchio     Felicia     The Great Mouse Detective

Gaston     Beauty and the Beast     Fifi     cartoons

Gideon     Pinocchio     Flora     cartoons

Gus     Cinderella     Hyacinth     Fantasia

Horace     101 Dalmations     Jenny     Oliver & Company

Hugo     The Hunchback of Notre Dame     Joanna     The Rescuers Down Under

Iago     Aladdin     Katrina     The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad

Jafar     Aladdin     Lucy     One Hundred and one Dalmations

Jake     The Rescuers Down Under     Marian     Robin Hood

Jasper     101 Dalmations     Mim     The Sword in the Stone

Luke     The Rescuers     Minnie     cartoons

Maurice     Beauty and the Beast     Molly     TailSpin (TV)

Max     The Little Mermaid     Nala     The Lion King

Meeko     Pocahontas     Olivia     The Great Mouse Detective

Merlin     The Sword in the Stone     Perdita     One Hundred and one Dalmations

Milo     Atlantis: The Lost Empire     Polly     The Rescuers Down Under

Oliver     Oliver & Company     Sarabi     The Lion King

Orville     The Rescuers     Sarah     Lady and the Tramp

Otto     Robin Hood     Thalia     Hercules

Pedro     Lady and the Tramp     Ursula     The Little Mermaid

Percy     Pocahontas     Vanessa     The Little Mermaid

Peter     Peter Pan     Wendy     Peter Pan

Phillip     Sleeping Beauty     Winifred     The Jungle Book

PhoebusThe Hunchback of Notre Dame

Rafiki     The Lion King

Rama     The Jungle Book

Razoul     Aladdin and the King of Thieves

Robin     Robin Hood

Roscoe     Oliver & Company

Rufus     The Rescuers

Sebastian     The Little Mermaid

Simba     The Lion King

Stefan     Sleeping Beauty

Thaddeus     Toad of Toad Hall

Thomas     The Aristocats

Timon     The Lion King

Timothy     Dumbo

Toby     Robin Hood and The Great Mouse Detective

Tod     The Fox and the Hound

Waldo     The Aristocats

Winston     Oliver & Company

Zazu     The Lion King

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